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"You cannot step into the same river twice"
~ Heraclitus

Hi! I’m Monica,

Data Enthusiast

When I am not sitting in front of my laptop, I like to enjoy the outdoors (when it is not blazing hot in the AZ sun).  There are an abundance of hiking trails to choose from around the valley, all with the best views!

I am a general health/fitness nut, so I also enjoy cooking (clean eating).  I experiment often and do not have any limits to what I will try.  However, I always enjoy spicy dishes the most!

One other activity I enjoy (of course fitness related) is dancing.  I danced all throughout my childhood, into college, and still today.  I love finding active groups with opportunities to perform.  Lately, performing in my living room for my two cats is where you can find me (thanks 2020).

My formal education is in Accounting and Management Information Systems. This allowed me to enter the world as an Information Technology Auditor. During this time, I made sure to participate in all the varieties of projects available to me. Information Security, Logical/Physical Security, Cyber Security, Application Controls, Change Management, Social Engineering, Vulnerability scans and Pen testing, Data Privacy, Financial Analysis.


Once I was introduced to Data and Analytics, I was hooked and on the move. I progressed to areas where I was able to be more involved with data, specifically data governance, data management, data literacy, and data visualizations. I advanced into enterprise analytics where I was exposed to programming and data science. I even briefly served as a system administrator, which was probably my most unique experience. Well, besides my first job in Food Management.  I eventually moved back into cybersecurity where I could focus on my passion for data overlapped with security, risk, and compliance; specifically related to behavioral analytics by obtaining formal training in Behavior Design.

Currently, it is my mission to share knowledge in hopes to inspire others to learn and grow in the field of data.  I am super passionate about continuous learning and created nerdnourishment with aspirations of it becoming one of the best blogs and motivating educational platforms for the data community.

Tools Used to Assist in my Journey
- R
- Python
- Tableau
- PowerBI

- My set of adjustable dumb bells

- Propane and propane accessories

- Knowledge of awesome nerd related topics 

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