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3Vs of Storytelling

Guest: Scott Taylor

Telling your data story: Leveraging the 3Vs of Data Storytelling for Data Management

Data Leaders must create a compelling narrative to evangelize their Data Management programs and secure long-term support from enterprise stakeholders and business leadership. Data leaders who seek to improve soft skills and execute simple storytelling techniques will be more likely to gain a rightful place for their initiatives on their organization’s strategic plan.

Scott Taylor always brings the best of energy to any presentation he gives, and this one did not disappoint. I wanted to share with those that did not get a chance to view this event and are curious to read a summary. I have also provided a link in the Resources section at the end for those that would like to watch the full presentation. 🤓

What We Learned

  • Why You Need a Data Story

  • Relevance of Data Management

  • Types of Data Storytelling

  • Leveraging the 3Vs

And of course, Scott provides everything 99% Buzzword FREE!

Why You Need a Data Story

Sort and Sweet: EVERY enterprise has a data story to tell

Key Takeaway: ‘Provide VALUE to your RELATIONSHIPS through your BRANDS at SCALE’

Relevance of Data Management

According to McKinsey Digital, there are six ways to drive data governance excellence, and three of them require a data story to be told.

  • Secure top management’s attention

  • Integrate with primary transformation themes

  • Generate excitement for data

These are very manageable to accomplish through data storytelling, if you know the two different types.

Types of Data Storytelling

Tell your story ABOUT the DATA. This requires determining the truth about where the data starts. This is viewed as Data Management.

Tell your story WITH the data through ANALYTICS. This requires deriving meaning from the data and where the data ends up. This is viewed as Business Intelligence.

Leverage the 3Vs of Data Storytelling


  • The words you use are important!!

  • Establish an Accessible Vocabulary

  • If there is already a business glossary, use it


  • The way you talk is important!!

  • Harmonize to a Common Voice

  • Share an ‘Elevator Pitch’


  • Focusing on the WHY is important!!

  • Illuminate the Business Vision

  • It’s about the BUSINESS

Tips: seek out other storytellers in your organization and think about what and how your leaders are talking about the business


Book: Telling Your Data Story (also 99% Buzzword FREE!)

Happy Learning!!

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