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The fear of running out of something to read is called Abibliophobia 📚

Have no fear, there are TONS of really great books

I just finished a book recently, and also wrote up a review as I found it so useful

📙 People Skills for Analytical Thinkers by Gilbert Eijkelenboom

This book provides guidance on people skills and how they can lead to greater emotional intelligence.

These are considered soft skills, which arguably are more important than what you would consider ‘hard’ skills (technical skills)

Ironically, soft skills are actually harder to obtain, improve, or change

But they are necessary in order to be successful in the workplace 🏢

If you are interested in reading my full review of this book, you can check out my Book Reviews

What other books should I review? Let me know if you have any recommendations 👇🏻

Happy Learning!!

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