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The cleanest part of your body is your eye 👁

As a lot of my usual shows have been postponed, so I have been on the search for new, interesting shows to watch

Since almost all new production is paused, that forces me to search a bit deeper

into the past 🏎

Has anyone seen Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t! ? 🤯

I love these types of educational shows that present information in a comical way

Reminds me of the show Adam Ruins Everything (I suspect Penn & Teller were inspiration here)

📺 Season 2: Episode 2 - Safety Hysteria

This episode was packed full of interesting characters with fears of electromagnetic fields, the apocalypse, mad cow disease, and toilet seats

Toilet seats was by far the best topic 🚽

They brought in specialists, doctors, and even did scientific experiments


Conclusion: your butt is not as dirty as you think

and wash your hands thoroughly and often 🧼

Of course, we all should know about the hands by now (thanks 2020)

What is your favorite educational show to watch right now? 👇🏻

Happy Learning!!

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