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The Colors of Noise

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Most have heard of ‘white noise’ which is a static-like sound used to mask silence or block out distractions

I think that pink noise is the best to listen to when studying / working

🏢 Some office buildings are equipped with white noise machines which help cover up the annoying sounds of ticking clocks 🕑 and clicking keyboards ⌨

But there are more than one ‘color’ of noise...

While white noise is made of almost all the frequencies

Colored noise has different integrated power at different frequency bands of the same duration

For example:

Pink Noise (good for studying) 📚

contains an equal distribution of energy in each octave — pink noise is calibrated to sound balanced to human ears 👂🏻

Brown Noise (good for pets) 🐈

often sounds like a soft, deep rumbling

Green Noise (noise of nature) 🌳🌲

Orange Noise (not good for sleeping) 💤

sometimes described as clashing

There are many others colors, check out The Many Colors of Sound

YouTuber, DaleSnale, has a channel dedicated to long play ambience, noise, and environmental sounds

What ‘color’ of noise do you like best and why? Comment below 👇🏻

Happy Learning!!

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