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Nervous and excited emotions involve the same chemical process in the brain🧠

This all started with my attendance at the DSGO Virtual event

This event was by far the best virtual events I have ever been to, even ones I have attended since

The second day of the conference and I get a message… from Kirill Eremenko, the host, asking me to be a guest on his podcast

Now back to the #FridayFunFact

This was my first podcast and oh boy was I nervous 😅

Kirill mentioned to me that professional athletes practice on rebranding their nervous feelings into excitement before a big game

How does this work?

Both emotions suggest that some kind of uncertainty lies ahead 🛣

Since both emotions feel the same, it helps turn what is viewed as a negative into a positive

It is all about perspective

Think it and your body will believe it 💭

Repeat after me 📣: You are not nervous, you are excited! 📣

Have you ever tried this technique when you are nervous❔ Comment below 👇🏻

Happy Learning!!

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