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Our mind wanders 50% of our waking hours 🧠💭

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

In honor of mental health day, I wanted to share an article regarding “mindfulness”.

👉🏻 Article

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. It is about paying attention to the present moment with awareness and without emotional reactivity. This article describes different techniques on which you can train yourself to achieve mindfulness.

- Mindful breathing: focus on your breathing (and only that) for 15 minutes. Sit in a quiet spot and focus all your attention on the sensation of breathing.

- Mindful walking: in case you are too bored with sitting in one spot, go for a walk. While walking, focus on the sensations of walking, such as your feet hitting the ground and the sounds in the air.

One other mindfulness technique is called the ‘54321’ method. This is a calming technique that helps you through stressful situations by taking you through your 5 senses and remind you of the present.

5 things you can see. 👀 4 things you can touch. ✋🏻 3 things you can hear. 👂🏻 2 things you can smell. 👃🏻 1 thing you can taste. 👅

Happy Learning!!


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