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Podcast Behind the Scenes 🎤

I was asked to be a guest on the SuperDataScience podcast and it went live last week 📅

Listen to the full episode:

The was my first podcast appearance, I was super nervous and was not sure know what to expect

Being the curious person that I am, I did do some research which I found to be helpful

After the recording, I put together some tips about the experience

> Know the show (this was easy for me since I have been listening for the past 2 years)

> One of my FridayFunFact topics: if you are nervous 😬 turn it into excitement 🤩

> Be relaxed in the conversation (at times I felt like a robot answering questions, lol)

> Speak clearly (when I am excited/nervous the words tend to fly out of my mouth)

> Sometimes you can ask for retakes (do not focus on perfection, it should be fun)

> Don't worry about it too much afterwards, it will be ok

I was such a great experience and I hope to have more opportunities on different podcasts in the future 😃

Happy Learning!!

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