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Some people talk to rubber ducks to solve problems

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Rubber duck debugging is a method used to debug code, but also can be applied to life.

Basically, if you are struggling with something, whether it be finding errors within your code or remembering the title of a movie, it helps to talk to a rubber duck (or just talk to your pet if you are afraid of "looking silly") 🤭

I use this method frequently, both professionally and personally (I forget movie titles a lot)

The other day, I was talking about management styles and got me thinking:

“Is there such a thing as reverse rubber ducking?” 🤔


When someone comes to me with a question, I usually ask them what they have done so far to figure out what they are trying to accomplish. More often than not, after a few sentences in, they get the “ah ha” moment. I jokingly say “happy to help”, we chuckle, and the world makes sense again.

Does anyone else use this method? How many rubber ducks do you own? (I have >10) Comment below 👇🏻

Happy Learning!!

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