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The Friday Before Black Friday Data Extravaganza

Today I attended a Fantastic Friday event, #FBBFDE, hosted by Andrew Jones

This event offered power-packed five minute lightning round talks from industry leaders, emphasizing the must-know aspects of their field. During the event, there were interactive data quiz questions as well as giveaways at the end 🎁

Another really cool offering from this event are the Black Friday deals! If you head over to the Registration Page, you have access to LIMITED TIME Black Friday offers & discounts on several transformational courses & content.

The morning started off with a talk from the host, Andrew. He welcomed everyone to the event and talked a bit about how to successfully enter the Data Science field. His Black Friday Offer (BFO) is 50% off the price of DATA SCIENCE INFINITY.

Our first quiz question came fast, did you know that the term AI was first introduced in 1956?

Onto our next round, from Kate Strachnyi. She gave some really great data visualization best practices, in under 5 minutes!! A few tips she shared:

1. Layout & chart selection

2. Reduce clutter

3. Intentional use of color

In Conclusion: do not accept the default settings

Her BFO is 50% off the price of selected #DATAcated Academy courses.

Next up was a not so lightning round from Scott Taylor, hehe. He always has the greatest energy every time he speaks and has so much insight to share! His topic covered how to discover the essence of your business. Best takeaway is that you have to explain the why and understand your business. One quote that I particularly like from his talks is that you must provide value to your relationships through your brands at scale.

His BFO is $10 off his upcoming book Telling Your Data Story.

Andreas Kretz was up next, discussing the best ways to get into data engineering. Two takeaways from him were to learn fundamentals (python, sql) and always document your work (github, blog posts, videos).

His BFO is 30% off the Data Engineering Academy.

George Firican talked about why you should care about Data Governance. Two fascinating facts that I took away from this talk was that data professionals waste approximately 9.5 hours per week hunting for data, meta data, data dictionaries, etc. Also, $3.1 trillion is the yearly cost of poor quality data, in the US alone.

His BFO is $50 off the LightsOnData courses

It suddenly gets a little bit colder in the room as Susan Walsh arrives with her dirty data and COAT discussions. She dives into specifically why data cleansing is important (the fun stuff), the effects of dirty data (rubbish in rubbish out), and how to ensure data accuracy (of course mentioning the COAT). For those that are new to Susan’s offerings, COAT stands for Consistent, Organized, Accurate, Trustworthy.

Her BFO is 40% off the Data Cleansing - The Basics course (presale).

We continue to speed forward with Matt Dancho’s discussion on how to accelerate your career with Shiny apps. As the Founder and CEO of Business Science, it was great to hear from him and what he is working on recently. I have taken some of his learning labs, so it was super cool to hear from him here.

His BFO is 25% off everything Business Science.

Jordan Morrow gives a talk about one of my favorite topics, Data Literacy. Specifically outlining how to develop the right skill sets to be successful in the field of data. Top 5:

1. Do not learn blindly. Find your focus area, figure out what outcome you want to achieve, and choose something you enjoy

2. Implement a strategy to achieve that outcome, try thinking “what do you need to do”

3. Arm yourself with the right tools

4. Close your own data and skills gap

5. Build these skills into your culture, think about it as creating a new habit

His BFO is 20% off his Be Data Literate book.

Next on the agenda was Alasdair Moore discussing the 3 pillars of data quality.

1. People: Find passionate players that understand the business and technical side

2. Process: understand the outcome and have structure to support the outcome

3. Technology: find the right tools to help facilitate having proper data quality

His BFO is 60% off the Getting Started with Data Quality course.

Last speaker of the day, given by Ravit Jain who is a Senior Content Marketing Editor at Packt. He took us through a virtual book tour with a lineup of 10 Packt books including Web Design, Building Analytics Teams, and Dancing with Qubits. This last one was a favorite of Andrew and the audience.

His BFO is A selection of Data books that will be part of the Packt.

The event concluded with the prize giveaways. I think George knew that I was especially excited for his talk because I won his Business Glossary Course giveaway 🎉

Congratulations to all the other winners as well 🎉

Also, a shout out to Andrew for putting on such a great event. I look forward to similar events in the future.

Check out the Registration Page for access to LIMITED TIME Black Friday offers & discounts on several transformational courses & content.

Happy Learning!!

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