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An earworm is the phenomenon of having a song stuck in your head

More formally known as involuntary musical imagery (IMI) 👂🏻🐛

Does this happen to anyone else, like all the time? 🙋🏻‍♀️

What is even worse is if you do not know the lyrics, and it is only a tune in your head

Meaning you can’t even use the almighty Google to help…


Google recently released a hum-to-search feature for your phone

I tried it out last night, and it actually worked 🤯

Super skeptical at first because I suck at singing and can never hit the right notes, how was humming going to be any better

The song I have had in my head for the longest time was called Bang! by AJR

Has anyone heard of this band?

I thought they were new, but I went down a music rabbit hole last night

1) They are an American indie pop trio and have been around for forever!

2) The main singer always wears his mom’s ushanka (hat)

3) Most of the songs are inspirational / motivational / make me feel like an emo teen again but in a good way

A few of my favs (besides Bang!)

🎵100 bad days

🎵I’m not famous


Check out the Google hum-to-search feature, maybe you will find some new tunes to jam out 😃

Happy Learning!!

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