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How A Social Media Creator Uses Data | Jacq Reisling

The goal of this podcast is to highlight unique data jobs and help people learn about the skills required for data professionals.

While social media may not immediately seem connected to data, Jacq demonstrates how being a social media creator is intertwined with data by leveraging data to drive content creation, experimenting with strategies, and staying informed about industry trends. Social media creators like Jacq can effectively engage their audience and contribute to solving data-related challenges.

In this episode, Jacq shares her unique origin story which started with a background in piano performance and later transitioned into digital marketing and social media. She also shares her creative process, sources of inspiration, and the importance of keeping things simple and taking action. Check out these nourished nuggets! 🍗🍗

Experimentation and Learning

Jacq runs experiments to optimize her social media strategy. She tests different content formats, timing, and delivery methods to gauge audience preferences and maximize engagement and considers engagement rates, impressions, and user feedback to refine their approach.

Balancing Audience Needs

Jacq emphasizes the importance of catering to both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the data field and strives to simplify complex concepts without compromising on educational value.

Sources of Inspiration

Jacq finds inspiration through conversations with family, friends, and co-workers. She also follows data influencers on platforms like LinkedIn, Slack communities, Reddit, and YouTube to stay updated on industry trends and perspectives.

Continuous Learning

Jacq's commitment to learning led her to pursue a master's degree in Communications, focusing on new media and marketing. She also relies on online courses, YouTube, and social media to expand her knowledge.

The Power of Simplicity

Jacq's advice to content creators and influencers is to keep it simple and take action. Overthinking can hinder progress, so it's crucial to ship content and iterate based on feedback and data.

Connect with Jacq on LinkedIn, where she actively shares content and engages with the data community.

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