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How a Quality Improvement Professional Uses Data | Tristan Keelan

The goal of this podcast is to highlight unique data jobs and help people learn about the skills required for data professionals.

Tristan's role as a quality improvement professional encompasses various aspects that make it a data-related career. Tristan highlights the importance of data analysis in his work and how it drives his decision-making process. While his specific role may not have a data analyst title, the use of data is fundamental to his success in improving processes and outcomes.

In this episode, Tristan shares his unconventional path to data as he started his journey as an English literature major with aspirations of becoming a writer. He then found his passion for storytelling and effective communication which led him into the technology sector and made him realize the power of data. Check out these nourished nuggets! 🍗🍗

Start with Familiarity

When venturing into new domains or learning new skills, Tristan suggests beginning with something familiar. By using data sets you intimately understand, you can grasp the fundamentals of tools and concepts more effectively. For example, exporting and analyzing your own transaction data from online banking platforms can provide a practical and relatable dataset for learning analytics tools. This hands-on approach allows you to connect with the data and gain valuable insights.

Communication and Human-Centered Design

Tristan mentions that effective communication is crucial for data analysts. Develop strong storytelling skills to convey insights in a compelling manner. However, instead of forcing users to adapt to your data, design reports and analyses that align with their preferences and data literacy levels. Collaborate with users during the development process to ensure your work meets their needs and expectations. Let the data move around the people, not the other way around.

Network and Engage

Tristan advises to connect with other professionals in the data analysis field to expand your knowledge and opportunities. Join relevant communities, attend conferences, and engage in discussions on platforms like LinkedIn. Networking can lead to collaborations, mentorship, and new career prospects.

Embrace the Power of Music

Tristan highlights how listening to music that puts you in the zone can greatly enhance your focus and productivity. Finding the music that resonates with you creates an environment conducive to deep work.

Connect with Tristan on LinkedIn and follow #qualityimprovementdad for more nourished nuggets 🍗🍗

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