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Celebrate International Programmers' Day on the Data Podcast for Nerds!

The goal of this podcast is to highlight unique data jobs and help people learn about the skills required for data professionals.

nerdnourishment partnered with Fanatical to provide you with this very special episode of the Data Podcast for Nerds!

We had the opportunity to speak with four accomplished authors to celebrate International Programmers’ Day, give away some prizes, and talk all about programming! During this episode we switched up the format and asked the audience to submit any and all nerdy questions and we had the best of time.

This episode was packed full of wisdom from Penny De Byl, Dylan Meeus, Kumsal Obuz, and Jasmine Greenaway so you should totally it check out. For those that are interested in reading the top topics of our chat, check out these nourished nuggets 🍗🍗

Importance of Hands-On Learning: To start programming, you need to jump in and get your hands dirty. The best way to learn is by doing, not just theorizing.

Engage with Communities: Joining online communities, forums, or Discord groups can be a valuable resource. Don't hesitate to ask questions and seek help from experienced programmers and educators.

Use Online Platforms: Online platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube can be great for sharing knowledge and resources with a broader audience.

Start with Discovery: Start with exploration and discovery rather than seeking expertise immediately. Learning should be an exciting journey of exploration.

How to Manage Learning New Things: Avoid the misconception that learning a vast field like programming or mathematics is daunting; focusing on specific aspects is more manageable.

Start with Practicality: For beginners, focus on practical applications of programming concepts. Practicality can lead to a deeper understanding of the fundamentals.

Explore Different Languages: Programming offers a variety of languages and tools. Don't get stuck trying to find the "perfect" one. Experiment and discover what works best for your needs and interests.

Diverse Learning Resources: Consider diverse learning resources, including blogs, courses, and tutorials. Don't limit yourself to a single source of knowledge.

Adaptability: Programming languages are like ingredients in a recipe. Don't fixate on just one; be adaptable and choose the right tool for each task.

Visual and Engaging Learning: Consider visual and interactive approaches to teaching programming, like games or visual programming environments. Engagement can enhance learning.

Enjoy the Process! It is important to have fun while programming. Enjoyment can drive your learning journey and keep you motivated.

And the best question from the audience goes to............. Liz Kimber… BUT you will have to watch the episode for the answer to this one! 🤓

programmer nerds having fun
Celebrating International Programmers' Day on the Data Podcast for Nerds!

Thank you to all that participated!

Fanatical is celebrating this event all September, so if you still can, head over to this LINK to enjoy books from these amazing authors, for FREE!

Thank you for reading, Thank you for supporting

and as always,
Happy Learning!!


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