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How a Data and Systems Analyst Uses Data | Gerson Meira

The goal of this podcast is to highlight unique data jobs and help people learn about the skills required for data professionals.

As a systems analyst, Gerson's job involves ensuring data quality and integrity through thorough QA testing. While his role may not be traditionally perceived as glamorous, it plays a crucial part in the data realm. Gerson's work revolves around analyzing accounting data and running tests to ensure the accuracy and consistency of various transactions, such as those related to convenience store operations. Gerson highlights the significance of data in everyday operations and how attention to detail and data analysis skills are essential in solving real-world problems.

In this episode Gerson shares his journey into the data field, his role as a systems analyst, and his hobby of building Lego. Gerson's passion for building Lego sets serves as an analogy to the data analysis process, emphasizing attention to detail and problem-solving. Through Gerson's insights, listeners are encouraged to embrace their own unique skills and continuously pursue growth in the data field. Check out these nourished nuggets! 🍗🍗

QA Testing in Data Projects

As a systems analyst, Gerson's main responsibility is QA testing, ensuring that data is accurate and reliable before it goes live. He emphasizes the importance of meticulous testing and the need for collaboration with other teams to address any issues.

Lego as a Hobby

Gerson discusses his passion for building Lego sets, particularly Star Wars-themed sets. He highlights the excitement of the building process and how it relates to his work in data projects. Building Lego sets requires attention to detail, following instructions, and identifying and fixing mistakes—analogous to the data analysis process.

Learning Approaches

Gerson prefers hands-on learning experiences, such as attending classes or working with professors. He values the guidance and expertise of experienced professionals, as it allows for immediate feedback and clarification. While he also utilizes online learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera, he finds the interaction with instructors and peers more valuable.

Office Hours and Networking

Gerson emphasizes the significance of utilizing office hours and building relationships with instructors. Seeking clarification and discussing real-world applications during office hours can enhance learning and networking opportunities.

Belief in Yourself

Gerson encourages listeners to believe in their skills and differentiate themselves by leveraging their unique strengths and personality traits. He suggests getting creative and finding ways to present mundane experiences as valuable examples in interviews or professional settings.

To connect with Gerson, you can find him on LinkedIn.

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